About Mission Homes

Mission Homes Northwest is a local, family owned builder focusing on creating unique homes and communities that reflect the character and nature of Portland. We build homes that are meant to last and grow in value over time. We care about the craft of homebuilding and pay attention to the details that can make a house a very special home.

Experience and History

The Mission Homes family represents a 40 year history of homebuilding in the Pacific Northwest. Generations of homebuilding experience and expertise in Portland provide a record of quality that hundreds of satisfied home buyers can testify to. We look for neighborhoods with strong schools and amenities that help build healthy families. We are happiest when we can look back on past projects in the Metropolitan area and see thriving, sustainable neighborhoods.


We know the importance of quality building practices and materials because we live in these houses too. We expect our homes to last and appreciate in value. We can’t afford to disappoint our buyers because they are our neighbors. We build with a sensitivity towards Northwest values and culture. Our homes “fit” the neighborhood, reflecting Northest colors and architecture, yet offer diversity and innovation in the most current interior styles. We believe that what you see in our models should be what you get, standard not upgrades. You’ll find extensive use of fine woods, ceramic tile and stone or brick in every one of our homes.


We live in the neighborhoods we build. Like a chef who eats his own cooking, we insist on living in the neighborhoods and homes we construct. We are not that out-of-town corporation that builds and moves on to the next state. We are accessible, visible and committed to the Portland Metropolitan community for the long run. The Northwest is all about the outdoors. So, rain or shine, we design features into every home that enhance outdoor living for this special local climate.

Environmental Responsibility

One of our core values is a respect for the environment of the Pacific Northwest. That means we don’t waste energy, we conserve and build for sustainability. We’re committed to building the tightest building envelope possible. We exceed industry standards to make sure homes are tightly insulated, all ducts sealed and wrapped, high efficiency furnaces, low flush toilets and low VOC paints. Every home is given an Energy Performance Score from EnergyTrust that measures your carbon footprint and energy consumption. Whether it is installing special plug-ins for electric cars or creating environmental lighting solutions for every home, we take our responsibility for conservation seriously. We use every opportunity to protect wetlands, preserve and plant trees and build healthy recreational areas for children.

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